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Statement on planned cement factories near Pudding Mill Lane, demolition of Vittoria Wharf and Monier Rd pedestrian and cycle bridges

Three planning applications have been submitted to the London Legacy Development Corporation for the construction of three concrete factories next to Pudding Mill Lane DLR. The proposed site for the factories would be close to thousands of residents in Newham and Tower Hamlets, the London Stadium and new secondary and primary schools causing air and […]

Lib Dems: From the Grass Roots Up by John Anderson

Last night I joined a group of intrepid souls to stand on a pedestrian/cycle bridge on the far side of the Olympic Stadium in East London. We were protesting a stupid decision by the group overseeing the regeneration of the area to tear down the bridge and put up a vehicular one instead in order […]

A reflection on the EU Referendum by John Underwood

Five weeks ago I was confused. A small majority of the voters said they wanted to leave the European Union, a slightly smaller number said they wanted to stay. If you put all those who voted into a very large fleet of the old Routemasters in proportion to the way they voted, there would be, on […]

Sheree Miller: Lib Dem Candidate for Boleyn Ward, Newham Council

I have lived in Plaistow in the London Borough of Newham since 2005. Since 2010, Newham has been a single party state with exclusively Labour MPs and a Labour dominated council. There is no effective opposition to long-time Mayor Robin Wales’ agenda for the borough. By representing the people of the Boleyn Ward, I have […]

Why Newham should help the Syrian refugees

(This is the first in a number of blog posts about the first Newham and Barking and Dagenham Lib Dems’ meeting, held at the brilliant View Tube on Thursday 3rd September) I was five minutes away from arriving at the launch of ‘Newham and Barking and Dagenham Lib Dems’ (we’re working on a less unwieldy […]

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