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Statement on planned cement factories near Pudding Mill Lane, demolition of Vittoria Wharf and Monier Rd pedestrian and cycle bridges

Three planning applications have been submitted to the London Legacy Development Corporation for the construction of three concrete factories next to Pudding Mill Lane DLR. The proposed site for the factories would be close to thousands of residents in Newham and Tower Hamlets, the London Stadium and new secondary and primary schools causing air and noise pollution as well as producing hazardous chemicals and dust; in fact the planning request even mentions that many residents in the area should keep their windows closed to avoid breathing it in! The factories would be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it is estimated that up to 900 HGVs would be running to and from the site every day.


It seems to us wholly inappropriate and completely out of keeping with the Olympic legacy that these factories could be built on this site damaging the health and quality of life of Newham and Tower Hamlets residents. What parent would want to send a child to a school next to factories with HGVs going past disrupting their education with noise, not being able to open windows for ventilation and breathing in pollution and toxic dust when playing outside? That is if they will even be able to play outside in such dangerous conditions! There are a huge range of industries that the land could be used for that would be more appropriate to the Olympic legacy, create more jobs and less pollution and we urge the LLDC to consider a more modern and forward thinking approach to the use of this land.


Newham and B&D Liberal Democrats are firmly against these plans and we will be working closely with local campaigners and residents associations to ensure that these factories do not receive planning permission when they are considered by LLDC on 27th September and urge you to sign the petition which has almost 10,000 signatures already

If you would like to be more actively involved in the campaign please contact us and  we will be happy to send you details of action we are planning. We are co-organising a family protest outside LLDC in Olympic Park on decision day 27th September 2016


In addition to the concrete factories, we are also disappointed to hear that the cycle and pedestrian bridge in Monier Rd will be demolished and replaced by a bridge that can be used by HGVs and a new pedestrian bridge will be built but at the expense of Vittoria Wharf which will be partially demolished meaning a number of artists who live and work in studios there are being evicted on 5th September. It is unacceptable that artists who have created such a vibrant and active community in Hackney Wick which has revived the area will now have their livelihoods put at risk for a bridge that has no clear justification when there are already many crossings across the canal that make the area very successful. Again, it seems out of keeping with the Olympic Legacy to destroy cycle and pedestrian facilities and the unique character of this creative hotspot to be replaced by a polluting and dangerous bridge which is not needed. Please support this campaign by Tweeting #savehackneywick and watching this video explaining the campaign further

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