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Sheree Miller: Lib Dem Candidate for Boleyn Ward, Newham Council

I have lived in Plaistow in the London Borough of Newham since 2005. Since 2010, Newham has been a single party state with exclusively Labour MPs and a Labour dominated council. There is no effective opposition to long-time Mayor Robin Wales’ agenda for the borough.

By representing the people of the Boleyn Ward, I have an opportunity to stand up for the opinions and needs of people in my locality, creating a much needed platform for accountability in the prevailing status quo.

Since I began campaigning door to door, I have been impressed with the friendliness of the local people of Boleyn and by their readiness to consider an alternative political solution to their various concerns. The main themes are anxiety about the final decision relating to the old West Ham football ground and lack of social and affordable housing; environmental issues such as poor street waste disposal, fly tipping and general lack of recycling bins; unfair parking affecting residents and businesses. Some residents feel uneasy by the increased numbers of youths wandering the area by day and night with no obvious facilities catering to their needs. Others are concerned about lack of investment in Queens Market.   In a nutshell, the area is neglected.  This community deserves much better.

I have long felt the same way as my neighbours in Boleyn about these issues.  That is why I have seized an opportunity to represent them and re-establish the cause of the Lib Dems in Newham, which is long overdue.  The wheel has begun to turn since the last election and the public is now ready to reconsider the Lib Dems in a new light.  I see my campaign as part of the Lib Dem fight back and look forward to your support.  It is a mere 5 weeks until the election on 3rd December so share your thoughts and any relevant information on Newham before then.

Sheree Miller

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Boleyn Ward by-election

One Response to Sheree Miller: Lib Dem Candidate for Boleyn Ward, Newham Council

  1. Ian MacFadyen says:

    Many thanks and congratulations to Sheree Miller and Newham Liberal Democrats. I was chair of Newham South Liberals in the 1980s, when we would never have made a impression in Boleyn. I hope your success continues and that you win council seats very soon

    Best regards,

    Ian MacFadyen
    Chair, Leeds East North East Liberal Democrats

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