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Wedding photo taken at the stunning Villa del Balbianello, Italy.

Lake Como Wedding – Villa del Balbianello: B+R

A quick one from Villa del Balbianello in Lake Como, Italy. What a venue it is and what a tree. We took advantage of Blue Hour (well 20mins) to take this magical pre-wedding photo. If you’re getting married at Villa del Balbianello or elsewhere in Como/Italy please do get in touch, it’s a stunning location.

Wedding: Chateau de Massilan, Uchaux, France – Camille & Paul

I met this great couple at Rosy & Alistair’s fabulous St Paul’s last year, when Camille was a bridesmaid. She and Paul hadn’t planned on having a photographer at all at their wedding but changed their minds after seeing us and our work. I can only say that I am so, so thankful that they did; we got to spend several days with them and their nearest and dearest and it was one of the most relaxed and loving occasions […]

Destination Wedding: Bangalore, India – Jan & Saags – Part III – Post Wedding Shoot

If you missed Part I or Part II of the wedding I highly recommend them! Well, Jan and Saags may have had their Indian wedding ceremony and reception already, but that didn’t mean we could stop taking photos! We ran out of time on the day of the ceremony, and the weather was so bad that we didn’t manage to get as many portraits as I would have liked. So since we all had a spare day in Bangalore, we […]

Destination Post Wedding: Crete – Rebecca and Andy

So after the fun and games of the wedding day, it was time to take Rebecca and Andy out to grab some shots of them enjoying life as newly-weds. Rebecca works as a theatre director and has a real fascination with abandoned places and derelict scenes, a theme that crops up frequently in her work, and so for this shoot she had suggested the eerily beautiful village of Kalami, a place she had discovered as a child and longed to […]

Destination Wedding: Crete – Rebecca & Andy

Rebecca and Andy’s wedding was something of a first for me for several reasons. Taking place on the beautiful island of Crete, it was the longest wedding I have ever covered (stretching from 10am in the morning to 6am the following day!) and was the first time I have photographed essentially three weddings for one couple in one day! Rebecca and Andy were getting married in Crete because of its special significance to Rebecca and her family. As they put […]

Destination Wedding: Hong Kong – Victoria and Adam (HK Part III)

After our pre-wedding shoot at Tai O, Caroline and I had a day off before the big one, the morning of Victoria and Adam’s wedding. We woke early and headed to Victoria’s house, where the games began. For anyone who doesn’t know, Chinese weddings traditionally start with the groom not being allowed into the bride’s house. The prospective husband must play various games in order to gain entrance and although Adam was getting ready at the same address, once his […]

Travel: Hong Kong (HK Part I)

Well the blog posts have been a touch few and far between of late. That can mean only two things; 1. I’ve been busy, 2. I have an awful lot to blog! So let’s start with Hong Kong. At the end of May/beginning of June, I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph Victoria and Adam’s wedding in Hong Kong. Big thanks go out to Caroline Alexander of Caroline Alexander Photography who agreed to come out and help me! […]

Wedding: The Hilton, Baltimore, USA – S & A

Wow what a fun few days. S & A booked me at the last minute for their Pakistani wedding at the Hilton in Baltimore. I was literally booking flights as the hurricane hit. How crazy is that? Luckily Baltimore wasn’t badly hit and the wedding went ahead as scheduled. My first Pakistani / Indian wedding and it was a special one. Two days of craziness, colour, great food, fun, dancing and well maybe a few delays! Well without further ado, […]

Published: Nov/Dec Brides Magazine – Steph and Nick, Hong Kong

I’ve been incredibly lucky with the amazing array of weddings I’ve photographed this year so far, from beaches, to stately homes, to dear friends, to heading overseas. So I was sort of stumped when Brides Magazine invited me to submit one of my weddings for publication. In the end I had to send them Steph and Nick’s – it was the first time I’ve been to Hong Kong after all, and the first time I’ve seen a bride wear seven […]

Wedding: Four Seasons, Hong Kong – Steph and Nick

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Steph. She was an adventurous sort and when she reached the age of 18 she decided that rather than following her friends and going to university in Hong Kong she’d be different and travel all the way to Cambridge, England. Unbeknownst to Steph, a charming, witty and intelligent boy named Nick had decided to be similarly adventurous and embark on a degree in London. As fate would have it, Steph […]