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Destination Wedding: Mustique, Caribbean – Maria & Adam – Part III

I’m an odd photographer. I love the sun. Plenty don’t, but with modern lenses and flashes I find it easy to cope with the particular challenges of bright light and sharp shadows. That and being careful where I stand my couples for their close-ups. So I absolutely relished this chance to shoot a couple as vibrant as Adam and Maria in a beachside situation. First thing, we rose early and met them at sunrise for some quiet shots together, which […]

Destination Wedding: Mustique, Caribbean – Maria & Adam – Part II

Backtrack to Part I | Forwards to Part III Day Two on Mustique brought a rehearsal at Sunrise House, the villa where the bride was staying and also the wedding location. It was good for us to see the logistics, meet the guys from the villa who were starting to prepare the flowers etc. and get to know Adam and Maria’s close family, the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Afterwards, the couple hosted a really informal barbecue beach party for all their […]

Destination Wedding: Mustique and Barbados, the Journey. Part I – Maria & Adam

Right – this is the first of a series of posts covering an incredible destination wedding in Mustique with a fabulous, warm couple. After booking this in, I discovered that by serendipity my parents were holidaying in the Caribbean – in Barbados, where they used to live – at the same time, so my assistant, Iain, and I jetted out a few days early and stayed with them. As well as the opportunity to catch up with my long-suffering mum […]