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Wedding: Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland – Kirsty & Aaron

I love it when my couples are seriously into their photos, because I know they’re going to give me some brilliant opportunities. The lovely Kirsty and Aaron are no exception. Added to that is the fact that they’ve got to be two of the most generous people I’ve met – Kirsty even picked me up from the ferry the day before! They’d laid on pretty much everything you can think of to entertain their guests: fireworks, Highland marching bands and, […]

Wedding: Clearwell Castle, Forest of Dean – Charlotte & James

Hehe one of the silliest weddings (in a good way) I’ve been to in a while. Oh and the first one I’ve had where the lovely bride Charlie jumped into a hot tub at the end of the night. What a way to end it. So Charlie and James got married at Clearwell Castle in the Forest of Dean. If you haven’t been there before it’s an amazing location. Nestled in a little village you suddenly come across this massive […]

Wedding: Durham Castle – Alan and Sarah

Love prevails. I’ve known Alan and Sarah for quite a long time: Alan used to be my Gun No. 1 when we were in the Officers Training Corps together and, well, those were some really fun times. I don’t normally photograph friends’ weddings but I was proud as punch when they asked me to be part of theirs (well Alan asked me since Sarah was in Afghanistan at the time). Was one hell of a day in quite possibly one […]