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Pre-Wedding: Paris – Sacré-Cœur, Eiffel Tower, La Louvre – Vanessa & Michael

I always love a good pre-wedding. There’s something about a couple in love and having lots of time to capture it. This one was no different. Vanessa & Michael invited us to Paris to capture their pre-wedding around all the usual sights. While normally I always make it to La Louvre and the the Eiffel tower, this time we even managed to make Sacre Coeur. Brilliant to see at Sunset! Big travel month for me, lots more adventures coming very […]

Pre-Wedding: Hong Kong – Winnie & Alan

I spent most of January in Singapore and Hong Kong, joining up with so many of my brilliant couples from previous years and months. It was somewhat hard coming back to the cold, grey UK after that. I’d photographed Winnie and Alan in both Paris and London last year and I’ve also photographed an awful lot of their friends, so there were a lot of brilliant people I knew who turned up during this shoot and it was an absolute […]

Pre-Wedding: London – Ivy & Ronald

Just catching up with some Asian pre-wedding photoshoots from a couple of weeks ago. I always love a pre-wedding and this one was no different. Ivy and Ronald had come over form Hong Kong to relive some of their memories of the city where they met. They’d both met at LSE and as such decided London would be a perfect place to put on a gown and take some photos before their wedding in Hong Kong later in the year. […]