Well, you’ve hopefully seen my photos by now. So I guess it’s time to introduce myself! I won’t give you my life history, but here’s a handy bullet point list of things to tease me about if we meet:

  • I have a zombie escape plan for every house I’ve lived in.
  • Some of my favourite memories involve sitting in a 10 seater minibus with 20 people, 2 chickens and a goat.
  • I have a phobia of apples.
  • I used to be a legalised computer hacker. I may now be a photographer, but I’m still a bit of a geek when it comes to technology.
  • I have a puppy called Nymeria (‘Game of Thrones‘, anyone?).
  • I got serious about photography after a messy, overseas break up – instead of paying for an early flight home I decided to spend the money on my first nice camera.
  • I stayed up until 4am the night before my wedding to decorate our reception area.
  • I might have a slight case of OCD. My wife Holly might get a bit annoyed when I stay up til the early hours editing photos.

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